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The Apostle's Biography

Caesar Rivera son of Jorge Rivera-Vallardes and Thelma Ramos-Córdova, was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in Central America on August 28, 1960.  He was first introduced to the gospel of salvation at an early age, serving as instrument to embrace this glorious faith.  His maternal grandmother María Lidia Córdova who previously had known the gospel was baptized in 1959.


Upon opening his eyes at birth, he was able to listen to hymns and preachings at his grandmother's home.  Her home served as a temporary church setting for the  Lord's servants.  The words of the hymn were fulfilled..."Ever since I opened my eyes, all was white for me."  In the summer of 1979 at the early age of 12 he was submerged in the waters of baptism.  Then on December 28, 1977 in a Waiting of Anointed Service he was blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Three days later, on December 31, 1977, he dedicated his life as a servant of G-d at the age of 17.


On March 31, 1980, Rivera was appointed to the rank of Preacher.  At the same time, he was also named Head of Campaign for the Northern part of California.  He strongly labored to broaden God's work.  He was then appointed to the rank of Pastor Evangelist on January 1981.  In view of his efficiency and his unflagging work for God's work, that same year on April 18 he was appointed to the rank of Evangelist.  Four months later on August 18 he joined in matrimony with the young Evangelist of Apostolic linage, Damaris Gonzalez.


Due to the fact that the work that was assigned to him grew to great extent by the grace of God, effort, and dedication, he was appointed to the rank of Supervisor on January 12, 1985.  His appointment constituted him as an officer of the Church.  Likewise, on March 15, 1997, he was appointed to the rank of Major Supervisor, and assigned as Regional Director of the East Coast of the United States as well as various foreign countries in the Caribbean.


In 1999, through testimony of God and by means of the Church's leadership, a statute was established, that whoever received the gift of tongue interpretation would be appointed to the rank of Superintendent.  So it was then that Rivera obtained this precious gift from God, and was appointed to Superintendent on January 16, 1999.  A year later, on January 22, 2000, by grace of God and protection from the Holy Spirit that has alway been with him, he was appointed to the rank of Bishop.


Subsequent to the death of the Apostle Rolando Gonzalez on December 10, 2005, he took part of the Church's leadership, beginning the era of the Board of Bishops (interim administration, 2005-2007).  His exemplary, steadfast, and tenacious efforts for the cause of God were asserted when in a memorable and glorious conference on February 2007 he was confirmed as the next Apostolic successor.


As leader and Apostle of the Church he continues his work with assiduousness and vigilance.  His career as head of the Church is highlighted by the expansion of God's works to other countries that includes the establishment of more missions and the rebuilding of properties in the United States and foreign countries such as Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.  Furthermore, in Mexico, the cities of Mexicali, Chiapas, and Tijuana have had the privilege of seeing prosperity in the reaching of souls through God's message by his servants.  The Apostle Caesar Rivera lays his solid foundation by emphasizing the importance of pursuing holiness and delivering God's message through evangelization and expansion.


Moreover, for all his effort and dedication to the cause of the Lord, would not his name be written in the Book of Life?


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