Apostolic Annual Mottos

1938 - Present

Ernest William Sellers

"Daddy John"

Part I


Each member a worker.



I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but something I can do.  What I can do, I must do, and what I must do with the help of God I will do.



Oh, Lord! Help me win a soul for Jesus today!



Think before you speak.  Talk of good and pray against evil.



Take your right hand always in sweet peace, to silence the vicious tongues.




When you feel you have reached a high point in you life that you think you may not fall, that is the time when you will fall.



All in action for God.  Find the lost.  A more organized effort.  Evangelize the world!



Living the life of love, the life of Christ, to become a Christian in the likeness of Christ.


Part II


Live in holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.  To live in holiness and not taste eternal death, live the words of Jesus, according to S. John 8:51,52.




Gaining disciples for Christ.  No one has been won for Christ until he is willing to dedicate his life and all he has for the cause of Christ.

Receive his Holy Spirit, because without God's Spirit we are not of Him, (Romans 8:9) and with Him, reprove the world of sin (S. John 16:8).



Return to the image of God which man was first created from the beginning, because as He is, so we are in this world if we are his children (1John 4:17).  And they that shall be accounted worthy of that age are like the angels (Luke 20:35,36).



Love must rule and reign in peace, or we are lost.



Speak softly, slowly, and gently, because the soft answer turneth away wrath (Proverbs 15:1).



Where there is no fire, there is little Holy Spirit.  Keep in prayer.



Awake to justice and turn away from sin, because sin destroys the body and soul.



Do not think evil, speak evil, or do evil.  Overcome evil with good.


Ángel María Hernández

Part I


Remember the words which I spoke while still with you.  Accept those that the Holy Spirit has deigned to speak hereafter.  Not to accept the past is to reject the former.



Leave haughtiness; purify your heart.  To quarrel and murmur against your superiors is to surprise you, Rev 22:11.




(First Part)

Learn, recognize, and be sure of the will of God and go with it.  Do not go alone anywhere.  Let the Lord lead you safely and without hindrance through the rugged Christian path.


(Second Part)

Achieve spiritual improvement, living, praying, and waiting for divine order:  not directly but through whom He directs.


(Third Part)

To speak ill of God's anointed is to speak ill of himself.  Before dishonoring him, forgive if he has offended you.



As the second coming of the Lord approaches every passing day, let us lead God's holy people with humility that is according to God's justice.  In all acts of justice, an attitude of humility and compassion, but orderly and firm.  Love your brother, but do something for his sin, otherwise your are hating his soul.



Part II


New year, new life.  Begin with the year, but do not age with it.  Renew your life day to day.  Live the life of Christ, truthful and mysterious, concealed to the world and revealed to the spiritual man, who delight and will enjoy wealthiness here and there.



Avoid spiritual accidents, do not say sin, say spiritual danger, so that with every precaution, scruples, and responsibility, will be rejected when tempted.  DANGER!



Times are dangerous.  Search diligently your spiritual state.  Examine yourselves, whether ye be in faith.  Indifference:  your worst enemy.  Recognition and confession:  success and triumph.



The cause of God on Earth is invaluable.  All the gold in the world will not buy a soul.  For a great cause, a great defense!  Spiritual Armor:  truth, readiness, helmet, shield, the sword of the Spirit, and FIGHT!


Arturo Rangel


The Holy Spirit has had different manifestations in different men at different times.  So be understood that the future events unknown to you are as certain as the former.



Christian heroism consists in raising Christ.  Bowing to the imposition is an act of cowardice.  The brave will inherit the kingdom of heaven.



The greatest trials lavished greatest blessings.  Do not refuse them when you meet them:  they make a test of your spiritual life and let you know if you have access to heaven.  The test will make the test.



Every new year that appears in the Christian pilgrimage, is a link in our chain of effort.  Avoid breaking it.  Give your mettle to reach the proper consistency to bind to the next.



When you see obstacles and opposition in your way, say, an approaching triumph.  The greatest battles are critical hours obliged to use all reserves.  Use yours to seize triumph, that is the crowning of your aspirations.


Rolando G. Washington

Part I


In the struggles, trials and blessings we will always be united, and so are fulfilled the words of the Master:  "Father, let us be one, as you and I are one."



With God we shall walk and next to Jesus we will be, defending the doctrine that we have learned, and His Holy Spirit will give us the power to overcome.



To the world we will announce that God is with us; because the scepter of Judah will not be removed until the return of Jesus Christ.



With fidelity we will reach the heavenly kingdom, because a child will lead us:  Counselor, Admirable, Prince of Peace.



Being merciful, we shall obtain mercy, and we will teach this Truth to a world that is lost.



Converted to God we will have Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit will be with us.



Lord, thy face shine upon us to be loyal at all times.



I will renew my vows before you, and that my fear for God never leaves me, in order to carry your Cross with joy.


Part II


My Church, my Holy Church, will preach the everlasting Gospel to all creatures.  Join the calling of the Lord.



The final trumpets are sounding, the doors are closing, only those who walk with Jesus Christ will be saved.



In your name Lord, we shall make heroic deeds.  In your name we shall carry your cross; with the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith.



In your immense love I will carry your cross.  Your forgiveness moves the fibers of the heart, because you live and are King.



Renouncing to the world, we will live a more Spiritual life.  With the shield of faith and power from Jesus we shall...Conquer the World!



The gates of Heaven are opened, and thousands of angels welcome the people of God, who bear the sign of the Lamb, and persevere next to Jesus.


Board of Bishops

Caesar Rivera & David Higuera



Uniting all nations to one nation.  United in joy, united in grief!  We will raise the banner of faith, and take the message of salvation to the confines of the earth.  Moreover, we will see each other in the clouds of glory with Jesus.



Accepting God's will, we get closer to Jesus Christ, this way, we will learn to surrender in this life next to the Master, because from Heaven comes everything.



The time has come, blow the trumpet, for everyone knows who it is that lives forever.  You that has Christ power will be one messenger more of the Truth.  I will speak with God and my brother with a clean heart and like this, I will see Jesus Christ in the kingdom of Heaven.  Furthermore, the words will be fulfilled:  "Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God."



Caesar Rivera


Hear Church of God, the clamour of time.  Hear the trumpets.  My people, my holy people, chosen among all peoples of the world will humble and I will raise the countenance of those who humble themselves.



Each new day we will raise the banner of the Gospel.  Your doctrine we will announce, your Word we will keep and seek holiness.  Jesus Christ lives, and he who lives in Him shall see Him.



Unite to the Church, unite to faith, unite to the doctrine, and live in holiness.  Unite to the Church and live in holiness.



Lord have mercy on us.  In the morning I will rise and glorify your name, defending this doctrine that I have learned.  Your Gospel proclaiming this:  My coming is near, sanctify, I come quickly.



I have been called to glorify His name. The essential holiness, indispensable forgiveness:  Devotion and dedication is demanded of me. To evangelize is my duty.  My gratitude:  love for His Work...The time is NOW...Glorify Him!



Awake, awake Church ...

It is time to recognize the grace that is put on you.  Let us examine our ways today, if on the path of Christ. we wish to walk.  Let us strengthen the foundations of faith:  Love for His doctrine and obedience to His Word.  Let it be your will Oh God!  Our God, Guide Us!



The last days approach. And his arm is soon to be revealed.  Let us not doubt His salvation. Doubts do not change the truth of God . Uncertainty leads to spiritual death. Examine and confirm your spiritual state.




To Preach is the Command!  Leave the Spiritual Indolence.  Let's return to the way of consecration, fasting, and prayer.  Souls are waiting for the message of Salvation.  Our Commitment:  Gaining souls for Jesus Christ.  Our Joy: To serve Him.  His Will: To live in Holiness.






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