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What is our purpose in this Earth?  Is there an afterlife?  What will happen to me the day I die?  Does hell exist?  Do we have a soul?  These and many other questions roam our minds from time to time, the good news is that those are questions that are answered in the living Word of God through his Holy Bible, the Book of Excellence.


Today we invite you to come and study with Us the Word of God...Through Bible Studies organized by themes you will find all the answers to life questions.  The first Bible Studies you will find in this site pertains to the question of What happens to my body after I die? and What will happen to the Earth?  If you like these Bible Studies and would like to continue learning more about His Word, we will gladly accommodate to your needs.  Below you will find a link to our Bible Studies Blog or you may contact the nearest location near you and we will come to your home FREE OF CHARGE and provide you with this service.


Whichever way you may decide to learn about His truth, be certain that you will get the most of it and that this Sword which is the Word of God, will pierce and divide your soul, spirit, joints, and marrow, and is capable of discerning your thoughts and intents of your Heart...


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