The Missionary Church of the Disciples of Jesus Christ sets a backdrop of Spirituality with the Lord through worship and praise.  Its presence is unequivocally felt with the rendering of Spiritual Hymns and Truthful Testimonies given to His Servants across the times.  The variety of voices ranging from sopranos, altos, and tenors exalt His name in union as the International Choir of the Central Office along with soloists that worship "For the Glory and Honor of God."  Additionally, the spreading of the Word through Bible Studies is one of several important aspects of our Ministry.  We have faith that through this method many will come to Serve and Worship Him.

The cause of God is invaluable.  With all the gold in the world will not buy a soul.

For a great cause, a great defense!  Spiritual armor:  truth, foundation, helmet, shield,

the sword of the Spirit and fight!

                -Apostle Ángel María Hernández

                1961 Motto


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